Using our customer centric approach, we design and develop renewable energy solutions for productive loads in rural areas of developing countries. We believe stirring local economies is key for their growth and development.

Solar Powered Fishing Lamp

We have developed a solar alternative to the currently used pressurised kerosene lanterns in the night fishing industry of East Africa. Over 1.4 million litres of kerosene is used almost every single night to light these lanterns to attract a type of sardine - the regions largest source of protein. This practice has huge environmental, social and economic implications hindering the industry’s sustainable development.

Cold Storage Units

We are currently developing community sized cold storage units for the fishing communities in which we operate. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tonnes of produce is wasted due to improper storage practices, leading to the national and international distribution of poor quality (and often harmful) produce and the hampering of local industry economies.

Electric Flour Mills

We are currently developing a convertible electric flour mill for communities in Tanzania and India. Corn and wheat flour is the foundation for the diet of these entire nations, making it an important industry. Currently, these flour mills are powered by diesel operated engines, emitting over XXXX tonnes of CO2 every year.

TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE IMPACT is what we are after. Our core focus is on creating social, environmental and economic impact. We believe this is the only way to empower local communities to create a sustainable living to power their economies to the future